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IT Consulting Services

From North Sweden!

Greetings from Jokkmokk, Porjus. Porjus Tech group (PTG Nordic AB) is established with an objective of closing the gaps in Tech requirments in the region Norrbotten, Sweden and beyond.

We structured the scopes of our services to provide in 3 different categories. Software Development, Datacenter Operations & support, Tech Education & Training

Our Services

Software Development

  • Solutions according to the requirments by clients

  • Products and super apps for Tourism industry in the region

Data center
Operations & support

  • DC Infrastructure managment

  • Deployment/comissioning designs and planning

  • Colocation operations support

Tech Education &

Coming soon!


Coming soon!


We are excited to announce that PTG Nordic is extending its consultancy services to African Data centers. With the upcoming halving of Bitcoin that could affect most miners, we invite you to work with us in a colocation service that provides cheap energy costs with over 96% hydro power. This will help increase your hashrates and optimize your mining operations. Please contact us for more details.

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